I am super-psyched to have you here!
I’m Philippa Levitt.

And frankly, this is not about me, it’s about
My mission is to inspire you, support you, empower you
and give you the tools you need to create great relationships,
“Spiritual Relationships”

My methodology is one step at a time, one choice at a time, one
light-bulb moment at a time.



This is for those of you who have experienced a relationship breakdown, be it with a
partner, parents, siblings or a child.


This is about divorcing the story you are telling yourself about the breakdown
that keeps you trapped in a prison of pain and resentment, powerlessness,
shame, guilt or numbness.


As a former lawyer, I know your lawyer offers legal support, your friends
and family moral support, but the
 empowerment and transformational tools
are best received from the Masters, the Evolutionaries and the Experts!
If you are still wondering, “Yes, but who is she?” Then click on my story below.